Weight loss


Dietitians Say This Could Be Why You're Not Losing Weight

Skipping dessert isn't doing you any favors.

Protein-packed foods that will help fuel your muscles

People tend to get a bit more sedentary in the wintertime—especially in the midst of a global pandemic—which is why it’s especially important now to stay active, whether that’s getting your steps in, upping your cardio workouts, or continuing your strength training.

How To Safely Return To Exercise After You've Caught Covid

Setting out for a run or HIIT workout too soon after a Covid infection can do you more harm than good, experts say. Here's what you should do instead.

Thyroid nodules

Find out what can cause lumps in the thyroid gland and how your doctor may treat them.

Scans, tests and screening – what to expect during your pregnancy

Rewarding parents every step of the way

25 Things To Sell When You’re Ready To Retire

Many people downsize in retirement as a way to cut back on expenses and make their lives simpler. For some, this means relocating to a smaller home or a retirement community. For others, this can just...

Celebrity fitness trainer Jono Castano breaks his silence after split

Jono Castano has broken his silence amid reports he has split from wife Amy following three years of marriage.

8 Things You Must Know Before Trying to Lose Belly Fat

If you're trying to lose belly fat, here are 8 things to keep in mind that may help you drop those pounds, according to experts.

Graves' disease

Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment of this immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism).

Moana Hope's rare baby bump picture

Moana Hope shares a rare picture of her growing baby bump, and she spoke out about the government's decision to make IVF and IUI a non-essential service.

Universal Basic Income payments begin flowing to Compton residents

The Compton Pledge has announced they have begun delivering Universal Basic Income (UBI) payments to Compton residents. 2UrbanGirls caught up with Nika Soon-Shiong to get

This is how expensive owning a cat really is

ManyPets analyzed data from a 2020 survey conducted by TD Ameritrade/Harris Poll to explore how expensive it is to own a cat.

How to stay alert and in a good mood without drinking coffee

Most people love to drink coffee. It tastes great and, importantly, helps ward off drowsiness! Caffeine does keep you alert and prevent sleep. But like everything else taken in excess, too much coffee does no favors for your well-being. So what are the healthy alternatives for stimulating the mind and maintaining a good mood throughout the day? Browse the gallery and find out what you can eat and drink to boost energy levels without having to gulp down cup after cup of coffee.

Chris Hemsworth puts his Thor strength to the test as he attempts to chop wood

Chris Hemsworth is pushing his skills to new limits. In an Instagram video shared on Thursday, the 38-year-old Aussie star tried a different style of workout from his app, Centr. Filmed by his personal trainer Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth was seen putting his Thor-hammering skills to the test — but this time with an axe. READ MORE: Kate Langbroek reflects on son Lewis' childhood cancer battle during regular check-up "Use your strength for good use,"...

New dad: Tips to help manage stress

Becoming a new dad can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. But you can take steps to prepare for the emotions and challenges of fatherhood so that it's less stressful and more fulfilling. Recognize sources of stress No one said taking care of a newborn would be easy. As a new dad, you might worry about: Limited paternity leave. If you aren't able to take time off when the baby is born, ...

Cardiologists Say These Are The Worst Foods For Your Heart, And There Goes My Whole Diet

Man, there are some shockers in here.

5 ways to keep your children healthy and boost their immunity as they go back to school

Rewarding parents every step of the way

The Wanted singer Tom Parker reflects on terminal brain cancer diagnosis in emotional video

British singer Tom Parker has shared an emotional video message amid his ongoing cancer battle. The Wanted singer posted the moving clip to Instagram this week as he reflected on his terminal brain cancer diagnosis from October 2020. Last year, the 33-year-old revealed that while his cancer was said to be inoperable, an MRI scan showed it had stabilised. "Healing from Cancer means attacking it from all angles," Parker captioned the video, which...

Trouble sleeping? Give these foods a go

Storm Watch: Ottawa records snowiest day since 2016, closing schools, vaccine clinics, highways

A blizzard dumped nearly 50 cm of snow on Ottawa as of Monday evening, forcing schools, postal services and even some roads and vaccine clinics to close as gusting winds reduced visibility and made driving conditions treacherous. Snow began to fall early Monday and continued into the evening hours, but it tapered off compared to the early morning hours, prompting Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) to issue a blizzard warning, but later...

Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

Dentists widely agree on this one.

If You Notice This in Your Mouth, Get Checked for Diabetes

Red, swollen gums may be a lesser known sign of diabetes and treating gum disease may help control your blood sugar levels.

Why the 'training to failure' technique isn't the best way to build muscle

Don't push yourself too hard.

Mark Furze welcomes his first child

Mark Furze and his wife Laural have welcomed their first child together a year after she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. The former Home and Away star shared the happy news on his Instagram.

Emmerdale's Amy Walsh reflects on her postnatal ­depression storyline

The 34-year-old Emmerdale star, who plays Tracy Metcalfe in the soap, discovered she was pregnant with her first child in the midst of the gruelling plot.

These 23 Vegetables Are Surprising Sources of Protein

They're strong.

Nigerian startups help fight scourge of fake medicines

By Nneka Chile LAGOS (Reuters) - Startups in Nigeria are helping fight counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs in Africa's most populous nation, where the prevalence rate of fake drugs is higher than the global average 10% and contributes to several deaths annually. The most counterfeited are drugs for anti-malaria, pain and antibiotics, according to th...

Dr Boreham’s Crucible: With two new partners, can Imagion shake off Covid-interrupted syndrome?

The ‘Covid-induced trial, interrupted syndrome’ is no more apparent than within the walls of Imagion’s (ASX:IBX) San Diego headquarters, where ... Read More The post Dr Boreham’s Crucible: With two new partners, can Imagion shake off Covid-interrupted syndrome? appeared first on Stockhead.

These Are the Best Foods to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer, According to Science

Sooo coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, everyone?

How to care less about what other people think

If you find yourself experiencing FOPO (fear of people’s opinions), there are ways to overcome this.

The 40 Best Foods for Lowering Your Cholesterol, According to a Nutritionist

Stock up on dark chocolate, stat.

These Are Healthiest Vegetables You Can Eat, According to a Nutritionist

If you're looking for a daily snack, look no further than these powerhouse veggies.

The stars who've stepped away from social media - and what it says about our own habits

Social media has become so deeply embedded into the fabric of society, it's hard to imagine a world without it. The phone is an extension of ourselves — we wake up to Instagram, scroll through Facebook every minute of the day and fall asleep to TikTok videos. But what happens when we decide enough is enough? READ MORE: Nicole Kidman and Sarah Snook lead Aussie actor nominations for SAG Awards Sydney-based psychologist Tara Hurster from The TARA...

'Pharma Bro' ordered to pay $64M for hiking cost of lifesaving drug

Shkreli hiked the price of an HIV drug by 4,000%.

Omicron and vaccines: Experts break down the science behind COVID-19 jabs

Experts say a third COVID-19 dose is needed to increase the level of antibodies following their decline. However, it's not clear how long an mRNA booster dose remains effective.

How to best organize your fridge

A well-organized fridge is vital for safe storage to prevent any bacteria infiltrating your food, and so is maintaining a cool temperature. An organized fridge can also help minimize food waste and keep your food fresher for longer. Want to know more? Then click through this gallery to learn how to best organize your fridge.

The Best Exercise Bikes for Spinning at Home, From Peloton to NordicTrack and More

The best indoor exercise bikes for a studio-worthy cardio workout at home. Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise Bikes What is an Exercise Bike? An exercise bike, sometimes referred to as a "spin bike" is a stationary bike you can use to get a cycling workout at home. They're typically made with a similar structure to your average road bike only the wheels are lifted off the ground and they feature four points of contact to keep you steady....

52 Celebrities Who Don't Drink Alcohol

From Blake Lively to Kendrick Lamar.

Congenital heart defects in children

Learn about symptoms, tests and treatments for children born with a problem in the structure of the heart (congenital heart defect).

Unlikely things that are making you gain weight

Keeping your weight in check can be challenging, as there are a number of ways you can put on the pounds. You can add to the scales by increasing muscle mass, by increasing water and glycogen levels in cells, or most commonly, by putting on fat. We all know that, in order to achieve and keep a healthy weight, we should eat a balanced diet and exercise. But sometimes we seem to be doing everything right and yet, the scale doesn't move, or worse—it moves in the opposite direction. All of a sudden, we're gaining weight and the worst thing is that we don't know why! There is more to gaining weight than simply consuming more calories than you spend. Our bodies are not an exact science, and we surely have to take into consideration many other factors. For example, it's well known that metabolism and hormones also play a key role in weight regulation. Indeed, there are many subtle things that can contribute to weight gain. Some of these things are more evident to us, while some others we might not even be aware of. Did you know that where you live or the cleanliness of your house can influence your weight? Or how about your job or how fast you eat being able to impact your waistline? Like these, there are many other unlikely ways we can gain weight, without even realizing how or why. But the good news is that we've done some research for you, and in this gallery you'll find some valuable information on the most subtle and obscure factors that might be affecting your weight. If you're putting on weight and can't quite figure out why, then you'll probably find the answer in this gallery. Click on and see if any of these apply to you.

'Shahs of Sunset' star announces second pregnancy, plus more celebs expecting babies

See which stars are currently pregnant or preparing to expand their families in 2021.

The best steps towards ultimate self-care

Most of us have very busy lives, with various commitments and responsibilities. Sometimes we get so caught up in all this that we forget to pay attention to our own needs. In the worst cases, this can lead to "burn out," which comes with a wide range of mental and physical tolls. Try to avoid any unnecessary trouble before it happens by actively putting in the time and effort to take care of yourself now. Take a look through the gallery to discover the numerous ways you can start your path towards self-care.

A Burbank Mompreneur: Dr. Ivy at Grin Garden Kids Dental and Ortho

My name is Dr. Ivy Avanessian Fua and I am a Board Certified Pediatric dentist and owner of Grin Garden Kids Dental and Orthodontics. Grin Garden is a pediatric dental and orthodontic office in Burbank, CA. We have a garden themed office and focus on sustainable dental practices in every aspect of what we do.

Ugly Side Effects of Drinking Coffee, According to Science

Only you'll know if you should give up your cup of Joe.

Dylan Lewis' painful suicide reminder

Dylan Lewis opened up about losing his brother to suicide on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here but he's not the only star pushing for awareness and suicide prevention.

The simple exercise every couple should do before getting engaged.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I did an exercise with our therapist.“You plan on being together long-term, right?” he asked. We nodded. “Good, then this exercise is going to help ensure you’re on the same page as one another, something most couples never do.”One by one our therapist had my boyfriend and I go through a list of topics. ... Continued

Doctors Share the Most Effective Natural Remedies for Common Health Issues

Find relief for colds, pain, gut woes, and more—sans a pricey co-pay.

10 early warning signs of dementia you need to know, according to the CDC

Neural Effects consulted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) list of warning signs for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease for a list of 10 potential early signs of dementia.

Jess Rowe and Peter Overton's love story

Jessica Rowe and husband Peter Overton are the very definition of couple goals. Hear about their life with their children, their IVF battle and the adorable story of how they met.

Christie Brinkley’s Secrets for Aging Gracefully

Can you believe she is 65?